The Trust Formula Book
How To Create Influence And Income 
For Entrepreneurs Who Hate Selling.
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Become A Conversion Guru - The Easy Way
After studying neuroscience and the brain for years I found patterns within consumers. I put these scientifically proved strategies into an easily consumable book that you can implement right away. 
Ask The Right Questions
Think deeper into the human brain when it comes to creating influence
Exercises built into the book to help you track your own progress.
Mark It As Done
I made this book so you know only the essentials of creating positive influence so you can make an impact on your conversions ASAP. 
Why Trust?
People buy less and less from brands they do not have a connection with. You need to create a deeper connection with people and differentiate yourself so you can be choice #1 when they need to find a solution.

There is a direct correlation between creating trust to increase your conversions and your income. You can easily be collecting much more by using the strategies in this book.

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"I left no stone unturned. Everything in this book is implementable right after you finish reading"
Dan Sullivan
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